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An adventurer, seasoned speaker and bestselling author, her inspirational and motivational talks will
take the students on a journey, showing them how to make friends with challenge and find ways to
thrive when faced with difficulty and uncertainty.

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges to their mental and emotional health. After 18+
years working as a teacher, faculty lead, international tutor and educational advisor. She has been at the
sharp end of supporting students and helping raise their aspirations.

She has adventured multiple thousands of miles through wilderness environments, learning life lessons
that will inspire and uplift students, reminding them that everyone can succeed. We all have deep
reservoirs of grit and tenacity – sometimes we just need a little encouragement to uncover the strength
we have buried within.

She has learned the hard way that the roadblocks we face are moveable, we must just learn how to lift
them from the path.

She was recently diagnosed neurodiverse with ADHD, which has allowed her to shed a new light on her
adventures and life experiences. This diagnosis, and years of working with neurodiverse students and
the ways she has harnessed her diverse brain to achieve incredible things help her meaningfully
motivate and encourage those who feel ‘different’, showing that those things we often consider
‘broken’ are superpowers.

Through her talks, students will be encouraged to approach challenges head on and to see each obstacle
as an opportunity to grow and learn. They will feel empowered to step around their fears to boldly
uncover their full potential. Above all, they will learn that they are in control of their fate. They hold the
tools and power to live a truly remarkable life, no matter the internal or external pressures and
hardships they may face. They will learn to believe that with a little positivity, a dash of bravery and the
right encouragement, truly anything is possible.

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