Welcome to the Elementary School

Grade 1 – Grade 5

Maheen Kadhemi

Head of Elementary School

ARKIS Elementary school works in hand with middle and high schools to achieve the school’s vision. Our aim is to bring up principled and enthusiastic learners who will contribute highly in developing our local and global community.

Not only do we strive for academic attainment and personal wellbeing, but also we try our best to create a conducive learning environment where students are empowered to be inquirers and reflective through our rich bilingual curricular.

In an effort to meet the different needs of our students, Elementary school has instituted a variety of programs that aim to provide effective instructions. Hence, SRA Labs (Levelled Readers), Guided Reading, Literature Circles, etc… helped to develop confident readers, who can take ownership of their own work and progress. Those programs enabled our students to hone their communication and critical-thinking skills by responding to literature, working collaboratively, taking decisions, unleashing their imagination and nurture the love of reading.

In order to enhance the students’ learning experience and overall development, ARKIS encourages students to explore and try different extracurricular activities where students are given opportunities to acquire and practise new skills. Apart from promoting social development by encouraging participants to work together, our extracurricular activities foster emotional, physical and cognitive development.

ARKIS is committed to ensuring that students are given every opportunity to experience learning opportunities in a safe, happy and conducive environment.

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