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Welcome to the Secondary School

Grade 6 – 12

Emma Rooney

Head of Secondary School
It is my sincere pleasure to share with you a snapshot of what we offer in the Secondary section of ARKIS. 
Our aim is to promote a growth mindset and the notion of ‘lifelong learning’ in all our students. An impactful and meaningful education is not just teaching students about how to pass tests – and too often, the Secondary school years can feel for students as though this is all that matters. But for true success in a ‘VUCA’ world, for individual wellbeing, and for a sense of personal fulfilment, young people need to be good at far more than these things. Therefore, we are ever mindful of how we help students to explore and to be recognised for their full range of potential talents, abilities and skills. We achieve this through paying careful attention to the curriculum we have designed, to the nature of pastoral care we provide, and to the variety of experiences – both in and out of the classroom – that our students receive.
Our Secondary section is a vibrant, exciting and dynamic part of the school, where the learning journey for our students continues. It is a joy to be a part of. I hope you will pay us a visit soon and see for yourself.

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