ARKIS Ambassadors


In line with our values of providing students with opportunities to reflect positively on the community, we have introduced the ARKIS Student Ambassador Program. The Ambassadors are the face and voice of the school. Their main goal is to spread passion, knowledge, and friendliness to our new students making the transitioning process into ARKIS easier.

Ambassadors have roles and responsibilities that include

  • Arranging for school tours during open days.
  • Engaging and answering parents’ and students’ inquiries.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging to new joiners.
  • Guiding new joiners to their classes during the first week of the academic year.

Reem Alghatam


I like participating in different social activities and events, I believe that it improves my confidence and public speaking skills. My goal is to help the new students to feel welcomed into the ARKIS family. Moreover, I would also like to guide them on how to achieve good grades without being under academic stress.

Khalid Bukamal


ARKIS is my second home and I want all the new students to feel the same. I, along with my teammates can help in growing the ARKIS community while creating a fun and adventurous school environment. We are happy to see new students joining our school.

Ali Alhitty


I am very enthusiastic that I will be able to represent ARKIS by being one of its School Ambassadors. I am looking forward to spreading positivity with smiles to everyone! We will always be ready to assist the new joiners regarding any inquiries that they may have.

Ebrahim Alaali


We are the true representatives of the school. Schools are the foundation of our learning and understanding of the outside world. By succeeding in our studies, graduating with honors, and pursuing our dreams, we will make the future. A future where its base is the past, and the past is our beloved ARKIS.

Jood Ali


We will definitely consider the new joiner’s emotions and health when joining ARKIS as we know how important this is. Together, we can do many social activities that are not solely academic which can help make our relationship stronger and boost the team spirit.

Amal AlMadhoob


As a student, I try to maintain a good relationship with my fellow students and teachers. I always make sure to give my classmates the space to express their thoughts and emotions without judgment. I believe that every individual has an impact on the school’s image and our school is a beautiful journey, enjoy it while it lasts!

Alghala Almehzea


I am really honored to be an ARKIS Student Ambassador, I want to contribute to the school by being a good student, spreading kindness and making everyone feel welcomed, this is as important as achieving good academic records. Remember not to let failure overtake you.

Jannah Zelaikh


Helping others is an important human value, no matter how busy we are, we should always have time to help others. I am very excited to be in this program as I know this might be a difficult time for all new joiners. I believe that within a short time, they will be able to adapt and have a great school experience.

Jorry Buali


I am a very organized and disciplined person and being an ARKIS Ambassador has really uplifted my confidence. I really want to give my best to the ARKIS community and share my knowledge with my fellow students.

Ahad Ahmed


I enjoy socialization and always ensure to put extra effort into my work. I am diligent, courteous, and independent student. My goal is to guide students who are struggling with public speaking and teach them the skills needed to be more confident because I know this is the key to make ARKIS students grow.

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