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Community Service Office

Reflective of our comprehensive 5-year Strategic Plan 2021- 2026, and being cohesive with the schools Mission and Vision and mantra of the late Founder, a new Community Service Office will be opened (Jan 2023) up, made up of staff and students that support approved internal programmes and external programmes/events within the community. This voluntary programme will include things like: government beach cleans, supporting local and registered NGO’s, supportive universities or schools etc

It is envisaged that we would grow both the events and participation by 10% each year, with all hours accumulated outside that of the school day- after hours and weekends. Each registered volunteer would accrue hours which could be tallied up to show the schools impact but show potential new employers or furthering education entities, a holistic approach of said volunteer. It is also an inclusive approach not centred on strict academic prowess but will entail guardian permission to attend along with “Good Conduct”, as he/she is representing ARKIS.

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