School Guidance

school Guidance

ARKIS has now shifted its vision into focusing firstly on students safeguarding and well-being in order to ensure a higher quality of education and life in general and the guidance counselors are there to work with students, parents, teachers and school administration to help guide students’ academic, behavioral and social growth. ARKIS has an amazing team spread throughout all school levels starting from pre-school, elementary and secondary school to help facilitate the students’ life and resolve their daily problems and issues in and sometimes out of school too.

The department serves wide range of services such as:
  • One-to-one counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Counseling activities
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Play therapy
  • Collaborations with the pastoral team for behavior management.

The guidance and counseling team works in collaboration with the setup of the main hub rooms and the official venues for the implementation purposes of the program, which are:

The safeguarding office

Where all child protection related and confidential meetings or interviews are conducted.

The play therapy room

A room that is fully equipped in a children-friendly way, colorful and equipped with all the needed toys and resources to facilitate the implementation of play therapy practices in collaboration with our school counselors and play therapists targeting children from (3 to 10) years old to assess their well-being and give them the needful support and prepare their action plans based on that.

(Re-charge) the therapy room

A room that is divided into 5 main sections: Reading (for well-being and psychological support related books), Art therapy (Drawing and painting), Music therapy and lastly a Focus group therapy section (to facilitate sharing experiences and student led talks and experience sharing to help higher grade students deal with any well-being obstacle under the supervision of their safeguarding team members and school psychologists).

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