The development of ARKIS Talks was the brian child of Ms Shamia Eshaqi: Head of Guidance at Abdulrahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS). The idea was derived from the famous “ TED” talks that are mainly devoted to spreading inspiring ideas- usually in the form of short powerful talks. This internal programme would be by invitation only talk, on a variety of topics that motivate, encourage, and enthuse those who attend. It would also be a means to expose students and staff to our incredible Alumni and school connections: locally, regionally and internationally. It will fall in line with the new Strategic Plan- To raise the performance of ARKIS through robust and effective leadership, governance and management

Each academic year four guest speakers will be invited to talk to a limited number of staff and students throughout the year. Potential speakers will consist of approved individuals that align with the school’s Core Values

  • Current students (1)
  • Alumni students (1)
  • Influencer (1)
  • Change Agent/ Inspiring Story (1)

Who’s speaking

2021/2022 Guest Speakers will include

This academic year we can confirm the external speakers being


Hashim Sharaf

Postponed due to Covid Status

An award winning film director from Bahrain who worked in the industry for over 10 years after graduating from RMIT University in Australia with Media (Filmmaking and cinema studies) degree. Hashim is a founder of More Media, a creative agency in Bahrain that provides services in variety of complementary media. Through his love of cinema and it’s potential to inspire change, he worked on 4 short films and got more than 12 international and local awards such as the first place in Sharjah International film festival, Jury Prize of Baghdad International film festival and best director and 1st place in Red Carpet film festival. In addition, his achievements wasn’t only in the cinema field but also he got the 1st place Ibn the Pioneer marketer award in Riyadh 2019 for the best TVC. Hashim is a speaker and gave a different speeches for the passionate cinematic young people in the Gulf countries and big universities and official entities in addition to the world entrepreneurship forum in Oman and Ted Talk.


Noor BenShams

Events & Public Relations professional with extensive 5 years experience in PR , philanthropic event management, and soft-skill training. Involved in various voluntary work for NPO’s and is also the proud founder of ThePeople.

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