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Under the patronage of H.E Fawzia bint Abdullah Zainal – Speaker of the Council of Representatives, the highly anticipated annual Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School Model United Nations (ARKISMUN) was held at the Gulf Hotel on the 25th and 26th of February. With 35 schools within Bahrain attending the event over the two days, debating the theme “The Last Hour”. This focused question was intended to act as “a symbol of all the issues that have been left on hold and are slowly causing permanent damage. As human beings, we find ourselves in a situation where we only have a very limited amount of time left before such issues overcome our ability to fix them.” Noted ARKISMUN organising committee members Maria Alawadhi, Maisam Bukamal, Mohamed Osama, and Rawan Haqiqi.

The programme included a keynote address by Ammar Al Bannai – Chairman of the Standing Select Committee on Human Rights of Council of Representative, who addressed the opportunity for our students to participate in this model of the United Nations, which gives knowledge and great motivation for our students to make decisions through what is presented through these discussions, which will come out with recommendations. 

The overall goal being that of analyzing the interconnections between geopolitical events and the financial markets trend. The interactive experience gave all attendees the opportunity to connect, deliberate and mediate their opinions while utilising their skills of leadership and ambassadorship of their respective countries. Once again the ARKISMUN showcased the schools core values of excellence, integrity and respect.

“It gave us great pleasure to see students from ARKIS and all schools in Bahrain to be at an event as huge as this where students could finally meet and communicate  face to face. ARKISMUN started its journey with less than 100 participants in 2012, and today, 35 schools and more than 380 students gathered for the 11th conference. Students spent 2 days at this event understanding the importance of international relations, international security and world peace. They learned how to debate and improve their public speaking and leadership skills. They were required to give speeches, work collaboratively, negotiate, debate and develop solutions to global problems. These events are crucial for our students and helps shape them to take action as global citizens leading a fair and just society for the future of humanity.” Noted Vice Principal of Relations – Internal & External, Ms. Mervat Murad

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