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“Thirty Higher Secondary students from ARKIS attended an informative lecture organized by the Royal Air Force at the Bahrain Bayan School about air displays. Squadron Leader Graeme Muscat explained the dynamics and teamwork behind the awe-inspiring and thrilling air displays of the RAF Aerobatics Team. A team of Red Arrows Engineers and Pilots gave students a detailed talk on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics that leads to the development of aerobatic maneuvers and precision formations by the Hawk T1 fast-jets.

Students were intrigued and raised insightful queries regarding the engineering feats and obstacles that the pilots as well as the support staff overcame in order to demonstrate a safe, memorable, and visually- appealing air show. One of the queries was about the environmental safety of the “smoke” being released to create the colorful displays while another interesting one was on the safety precautions and medical help provided to pilots in case of an emergency.

It was an exciting educational experience for the participating students who enjoyed the STEM session and realized how each display is a demonstration of high-intensity training, skill, technology, and collaboration between twelve different teams.  

The Red Arrows will be displaying their skills during the Bahrain Air Show scheduled from November 9, 2022, to November 11, 2022.” Notes Assistant Head of Mathematics Ms. Geena Johnson.

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