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On Tuesday the 6th of June ARKIS Preschool held its inaugural Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony. At this propitious occasion, a great number of guests and parents were present to celebrate the achievements of the young graduates. The ceremony commenced with the National Anthem of Bahrain and the recitation of the Holy Quran. Ms. Kate Moskwa, ARKIS School Principal, congratulated the children and their parents on the completion of Kindergarten.  Ms. Fatima Yusuf Ali, one of the members of the ARKIS Parent Volunteer Team, expressed her gratitude for the school and the teachers. Ms. Afaf Salmeen, the Head of Preschool, in her address, commended the achievements of all the students and thanked the parents and teachers for their contribution to a very successful academic year.

The programme was made relishable with a speech, a poem, songs in English and Arabic, and choreographed dances performed by the children. All the performances were highly appreciated by the audience. Towards the end of the ceremony, all the graduates had the opportunity to take photographs with Ms. Kate Moskwa and Ms. Afaf Salmeen with their certificates. The ceremony came to an end with all good wishes for the new graduates.

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