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Street art is seen has a way to bring the community together, and the Kingdom is no stranger to these talents, as seen more and more across Bahrain’s landscape. One such pioneer in the field, is the talented local artist Mr. Mustafa Halwachi and who was commissioned to support the school with an installation. Mustafa’s signature is “calligraffiti” – think New York subway writing but with a Middle Eastern spin, in which he usually incorporates local pop culture catchphrases into his work, which resonate with the community. In this case the Abdulrahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS) brief, the schools mission and vision and the powerful statement from the Founder himself was given to Mr. Mustafa Halwachi. What has transpired is a powerful and 3D like image of which is breathtaking. Speaking at the event he mentioned what a “Great honour it was to work with the school’s leadership for this project as a surprise to the Board of Trustees and Mr. Abdulrahman’s family. I wanted to capture the essence of the school’s Founder and showcasing his innovation within the realm of education and the true philanthropic endeavours he competed during his lifetime and that continues to be done in his name- The Abdulrahman mosque, dialysis centre, elderly care home and the new school campus in Diyar to name but a few.”

“The artwork stands proudly within the reception area in memory of the school’s founder, Abdul Rahman Jassim Kanoo, and what he envisaged for his school. It is a reminder to both staff and students, of not only the four pillars but that of the school’s core values. What will follow will be an opportunity for some students to understand the fundamentals of this style of art via a roll out of a CAS grade art curriculum and to be inspired and proud of the school he founded for them and the community. The unveiling falls in line with the schools new Strategic Plan and the upcoming 25th Anniversary celebrations”, noted Mr. Mohamed Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo. He added that the creative spark remains an increasingly recognized and valued element for students as they progress forward in the professional careers and in life.  Mr Kanoo thanked the artist for this beautiful artwork and for the support of the ARKIS Board and Management for pursuing creativity as an essential part of education.”

The artwork was sanctioned by the BOT and unveiled in their presence on Monday the 25th of October in a small ceremony unveiled by the guest of honour, Dr Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo- the last remaining brother of the Schools Founder the late Abdulrahman Jasim Kanoo.

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