First Bahraini Education Group (ARKEDU) Announces its Second Undergraduate Scholarship

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Abdulrahman Kanoo Education Group (ARKEDU) was established in 2023, the first Bahraini Education Group within the Kingdom. Following on from its late Founder, Mr. Abdulrahamn Jasim Kanoo, his vision and mission of inclusive and accessible education being the driving pillar of its establishment. In a further step to continue this legacy, ARKEDU  announces a second undergraduate scholarship to its graduating cohort, under the core values of: Aspirational, Respect, Kindness, Excellence, Diversity and Uniqueness. This will be the second, fully funded university scholarship offered to students. The fundamentals of the scholarship are based on continuing the “promoting philanthropic endeavours as did the late Founder but also career opportunities. Allowing the candidate to focus on their academic pursuits, this award is in recognition of hard work, dedication and the potential of the future leader- and Alumni of the ARKEDU family.”

Announced at the ARKIS graduation ceremony, the ARKEDU Chairman: Mr Tariq Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo made the surprise announcement within his speech, in the presence of H.E  Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma– Minister of Education, “ This scholarship is the first since the establishment of this group, ARKEDU, as it will contribute to giving the students attending schools under its umbrella (ARKIS & ARKS Diyar) the opportunity to follow and continue the educational achievement at the university they wish. It is our belief that it will then benefit from their skills and knowledge, and contribute to Bahraini society.” 

The first ARKEDU scholarship winner went Eyad Zouinekh, who noted, “ I am honored and pleased to be the first student at Abdulrahman Kanoo International School to receive the ARKEDU scholarship and thus witness the history of the school to the farthest distances and the most famous achievements. With this scholarship, I am thrilled to see my future in Aerospace Engineering made possible as I embark on my next journey at the Emirates Aviation University in the UAE.

From the words of the late Abdulrahman Kanoo: I have devoted my efforts, thoughts, and wealth to this school, I dream to have a school that will provide the country with a conscious, open and educated generation, and I hope that they will be sincere and grow into committed citizens of their country and be able to contribute and maintain the interest of this country.

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