Cybersecurity Awareness Week

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Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School is proud of our students and takes the safeguarding of children very seriously. Safeguarding in today’s modern world now extends to the digital realm as students spend more and more time online. That is why we are delivering a Cyber Security Week, this week, during the student’s Homeroom Time.
During this time, students will take part in lessons on topics pertinent to staying safe online, such as cyberbullying, digital literacy, keeping information safe, reporting cyberbullying, and recognising fake links and news online.
Today our children have an incredible opportunity to learn, create, and communicate through the use of technology. It is important that parents are confident in their understanding of digital devices, apps, games, and their ability to help guide their children at every age to ensure a positive experience online. For more information on how to help keep your child safe online, please follow this link for further guidance.

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