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Abdulrahman Kanoo International School today, received a Category (A) rating after a review by BAQ. This review under the Framework of “Exceptional Circumstances”, given during the pandemic, accesses:
  • Quality of Student Welfare
  • Development of student learning
  • Quality of school change management                           
Category A is an “overall school performance awarded when nine indicators within the BQA framework are found as effective practices, and with none of the other indicators considered as “ineffective” practices”- 
Ms Kate Moskwa, Acting School Principal ARKIS, shared with her staff the acknowledgement from the Board of Trustees, “We would like to send across our sincere congratulations to you and your staff, on the announcement made by BAQ of Category A during their “Exceptional Circumstances Review”.
It has been a difficult year with a lot of changes, but through your leadership, inclusiveness and mentorship, we all have been given a glimpse of the potential of ARKIS. The staff both Academic and Operational have shown their drive and determination during this exceptional time- long may it continue. On behalf of my uncle and the Board of Trustees, I would like to extend congratulations on receiving the Cat A ( 11 out of 11) from BQA today.” from Mr. Tariq Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo- Vice Chairman ARKIS (Board of Trustees).

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