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In a first-of-its-kind precedent: Kanoo International holds a Virtual “Walking Marathon”


In an unprecedented, one of a kind event, Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS) held a virtual marathon in lieu of what would have been Bahrain’s Marathon Relay on the 20th of November.

 Approved by the Ministry of Education and adhering to all guidelines and policies, fifteen students ran the 48km distance on treadmills, one at a time in the school’s gymnasium. In cooperation with the Schools Sports Department, the drive for hosting such an event was to not only boost student and staff morale during this unique time but also ensure that more than ever our core values shine: Excellence, Integrity, Respect for persons & the environment, Internationalism and Service.

In keeping with our Strategic Plan and one of the Schools Pillars “partnerships with the wider community”, and in conjunction with World Diabetes Day, the event was also used to hand over a donation to the Bahrain Diabetes Society (BDS). In attendance was Dr Mariam Al- Hajeri Vice President of Bahrain Diabetes Society, members of the Board of Trustees and School Management.

“This year’s marathon is considered an exceptional event distinct from previous years, and the school was keen on continuing the pace of previous activities. Making use of our digital capabilities, Real-world outdoor running was mirrored virtually in synchronization with the students running in the school. A LIVE Stream of the event supported morale given that only those within the programme were in attendance and therefore no large support crowds cheering the students on. We were able to relay the messages posted by viewers of the Live Stream and encourage the runners that way. The importance of the marathon comes at a time when adopting a healthy lifestyle and supporting both mental and physical health and wellbeing, have never been more important” notes Ms. Kate Moskwa- ARKIS Acting Principal. 

Speaking at the event, Mr. Mazin and Mrs Ramla Heads of the PE Department explained, “For the last four years ARKIS has held the prestigious title of First Place within the “Schools” tier  (2016-2019). Adapting to the current environment, we were thrilled that we received the Ministry’s support for this programme, something that the students are very proud of. One of many charitable initiatives is a continuation of our late Founder; Mr. Abdul Rahman Jassim Kanoo, vision of giving and support to the wider community.”


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