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ARKIS Staff Professional Development


Thursday the 15th October saw Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS) organise a virtual appreciation ceremony via Zoom to recognise staff, both administrative and academic, who have completed the Google Certified Educator Programme (Level 1) and become officially licensed Google Certified Educators. The ceremony was inaugurated with a short speech by our Acting School Principal Ms. Kate Moskwa to congratulate the staff members who completed the programme successfully. She shed light on the programme benefits to move the school forward considering ARKIS Strategic Plan to support the use of technology across all sections of the school. 

Driven by the Human Resources Department, Mr. Jasim Salman, Head of Human Resources explained, “A total of 56 ARKIS staff completed this course, with the Management’s view that all staff have this qualification by the end of November 2020. The personal investment of 180 minutes of tutorials and lectures with the certification, which is valid for three years, will better support teachers, students and admin staff. It enables the school to utilise technology so that it is of more benefit to the ARKIS community. It is one of many ARKIS Strategic Plan Goals, in terms of advancing the staff’s professional development and validating their proficiencies.

Constantly evolving, feedback involved innovative ways and integrating new skills for their respective e-learning showcasing their personal experiences and highlighting the benefits of the programme.


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