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In line with international breast cancer awareness month, both staff and students participated in an array of activities on “Pink Day”, held on the 28th of October, in support of Think Pink: Bahrain Breast Cancer Society. Raising the awareness gave the options for both staff and students to wear pink instead of their school uniforms. There were crafts, student presentations, motivational awareness leaflets prepared by students and an assortment of competitions across the years.

A message to all parents on the school’s communication platform was sent out by the School Clinic via Dr Mariam Battisha, informing them of a free mobile application educational tool in Arabic and English called “i check think pink”, inclusive of reminders, tutorial and FQA’s.

In parallel, and at the commencement of the month, staff and students were encouraged to take part in the National Dinar 4 Distance (#dinarfordistance) campaign, pledge to keep active and moving during the month, with a promise of a specific distance- whether it be cycling, running, walking or swimming with a view to accumulate and evidence the distance during the month. The registration and donation was made possible via the support from the Board of Trustees and Team ARKIS (#TEAMARKIS) managed an incredible total of 3238.60kms between 42 registered school participants.

ARKIS is hoping to keep the momentum going and stay both active and be proactive about our health as a school #howfarforpink #togetherwegofurther #D4D #dinarfordistance #

Team ARKIS: Yasmeen, Sara, Noora, Mohamed, Alhanoof, Alaa, Aysha, Hussain, Malak, Abdulla, Anfal, Noor, Ali, Ahmed, Sara, Ali, Ayshea M, Ayshea A, Jannah, Maryam, Dana K, Zain, Dana A (Yr 11 &12). Meera, Charlotte, Zain, Fatima, Hammdi, Neville, Malika, Julie, Kate, Abeer, Sameer, Jenan, Afaf, Niveen, Maheen, Ramla, Yousif Abubaker Alhitty. Abdulla Abdulrazaq, Mohamed Dhaif.

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