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The AKA scholarship was enabled in honour of the late, Abdul RahmanJasim Kanoo- to encourage and facilitate the further education of our top graduates at Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS). As a pioneer within education, he saw the importance of continuing one’s education beyond the level of High School within Bahrain. The AKA scholarship is the only available scholarship from a Private or International school for students in Bahrain and commenced in 2011. Now in its 12th year, the programme constitutes a rigorous application process and round of interviews. It is based on multiple criteria which accumulated in a panel interview with the Schools Board of Trustees. Over BD 300, 000 has been directed towards 11 scholars since inception, and the school is thrilled to announce its 12th candidate: Isa Husain Isa Abdulrazaq

“I am honoured to be accepted as the 14th AKA Scholar. This is a tremendous opportunity to be an ambassador of my country. but also as Alumni of Abdulrahman Kanoo International School. I have been admitted to the University of Arizona as a Computer Science: BS Major in the College of Science. As explained in my panel interview with the Board of Trustees, I plan to utilise the knowledge and prowess of an international opportunity to return and make a significant impact for my school and the country. I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for their belief in me and the opportunity” Isa Hussain Abdulrazaq

The late Founder; Mr Abdulrahman Jasim, “I have devoted my effort, thoughts and wealth to this school. It is my dream to have a school that provides the country with a generation that is conscientious, open-minded and educated. It is my sincerest hope that they grow into committed citizens of their country and are capable of contributing to and maintaining the interest of this country as well as to confront the challenges of the future.” ARKIS is one of two schools now as part of the Abdulrahman Kanoo Education Group: ARKIS (1997) and ARKS (2022). It is the only education group in Bahrain to have two separate schools under its umbrella and funded solely by one person. It is projected that the school will have over 10 candidates receiving over 40 in its IB results, of which it fee structure is 50% less than other private schools offering the same programme

**One more ARKIS student success, once again several candidates participated in the 2022/23 Crowne Prince Award Programme, with ARKIS granted successfully being one of eleven CPISP awardees. The aim of the programme is to “nurture the minds of our future generations through education. It provides Bahrain’s most gifted and talented youth with the opportunity to learn at the finest international educational institutions. Further, it provides its scholars with career development support and training; equipping them with the necessary tools to become effective decision makers who contribute to Bahrain’s development, both nationally and globally.”

Congratulations to Mohammed Osama A. Karim. Mohammed was the school’s highest achiever at ARKIS with a score of 99.19% and also gave an inspiring and motivational speech at the school’s graduation on the 23rd of May. Mohammed is planning to continue his higher studies at the University of Leeds, UK.

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