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The Abdul Rahman Principals Award (AKP) was created as a way of acknowledging the diverse and essential contributions of all staff at Abdulrahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS). The principle behind this award scheme is to acknowledge the diverse and essential contributions of staff members who perform a vast array of critical duties, that support ARKIS commitment to our Founders core values: Excellence, Integrity, Internationalism, Service and Respect (for persons and the environment). The AK Principal Award is an opportunity for the School to honour these exceptional accomplishments.


Created in 2021, and to commence in line with the 25th Anniversary celebrations, the award is a way of acknowledging the diverse and essential contributions of all staff members. The scheme is open to nominations from all full-time staff and the applications are reviewed by a panel, with one award for academic staff and one for operational staff. With clear inclusion and exclusion criteria, the nomination process is completed by other members of staff (peers) using the guiding principles of effective recognition.


The schools Vice Chairman, Mr. Tariq Kanoo notes, “The recognition is linked to the schools’ mission, vision and values. Statements about the nominees were done by their peers anonymously. The emphasis on team recognition that encourages teamwork and fosters cooperation is needed to address ARKIS overall strategic business goals and mission of the School. It once again gives recognition to my Uncle, the schools Founder, and recognises his sole contribution to the development of the school.”


Announcement of the winners was done by Ms. Kate Moskwa, ARKIS Principal. All nominees received a letter from the Office of the Principal and the winners received their awards and their respective names on the honour board located with the school’s reception. “It has been an incredibly difficult year once again, but as a team I believe we are getting stronger together. It was great to see so many people taking the time to nominate their candidates and the panel had an exceedingly difficult decision. This year’s Operational Award goes to Mr. Ajesh Kumar and Academic award goes to Ms. Niveen AlTaher

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