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ARKIS acknowledges its staff as part of the AK Principal Award

Created back in 2021, Abdulrahman Kanoo Principal Award was rolled out for its second year, and opened to all staff, created as a way of acknowledging the diverse and essential contributions of all staff at Abdulrahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS). The award scheme is to acknowledge the diverse and essential contributions of staff members who perform a vast array of critical duties, that support ARKIS commitment to our Founders core values: Excellence, Integrity, Internationalism, Service and Respect (for persons and the environment). The AK Principal Award is an opportunity for the School to honour these exceptional accomplishments, voted by their peers.

This year, the announcements were made at the Staff Luncheon, funded by the Board of Trustees. The first time ARKIS staff- from housekeeping the management were able to attend a function together in over three years. The recognition will be in the form of a commemorative gift and BD 500 for both category winners: Academic & Operational.

Speaking at the event, Principal Kate Moskwa elaborated, “once again we received some incredible feedback and nominations. Whilst there can only be one winner in each category, it was heartening to see that many nominations came from across the different divisions, based truly on our Founders core values. After a tiring academic year, it is amazing to work and be able to celebrate as a team, our efforts as Team ARKIS. I thank you for all your efforts and unwavering support, as we grow as a school and as professionals, developing and being innovators in our respective fields to make ARKIS great and better support of stakeholders- the students.

It is will great pleasure that the 2022 winners of the AK Principal Award are:

Operations: Husaini Ismaeel

Academic: Dini Mary

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