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Mervat Murad

Vice Principal of Relations - Internal & External

I have served ARKIS for more than 13 years in different leadership positions, and have now been appointed to the role of Vice Principal- Internal & External Relations, effective September 2021. My contribution to the success of ARKIS has been immense and valuable and I am confident that this will continue within my new role. 

The new title comes with many responsibilities that are in line with the school’s new five-year Strategic Plan, and in parallel to our late Founders Vision and Mission. I will take the lead roles and be in support of programmes inclusive of; supporting the roll out of the new Parent Teacher Association (PTA), reconstructing the existing Academic Board responsibilities and roles, Student Council and being the point of contact for communications with external collaborations and projects. Along with this, I will be taking a lead within the Strategic Plan pillar with extensive KPI’s. I will also work closely and support the Principal of ARKIS, with all external accreditations and reviews.

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