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The Abdulrahman Kanoo Award (AKA) is an annual award given out and full funded by the Board of Abdulrahman Kanoo International School. Commencing in 2011, its first recipient being Ms. Noor Marraghi. To date approximately BD 224,000 has been spent on a full University Scholarship for over ten ARKIS graduates. This totals up the BD 28,000 per candidate over their respective three- or four-year programme. The rigorous application for ARKIS students involves not only academic prowess but following the Pillars and Foundation set by the schools Founding Father, the late Mr. Abdul Rahman Jasim Kanoo: 

“I have devoted my effort, thoughts and wealth to this school. It is my dream to have a school that provides the country with a generation that is conscientious, open-minded and educated. It is my sincerest hope that they grow into committed citizens of their country and are capable of contributing to and maintaining the interest of this country as well as to confront the challenges of the future.”

The 2020 winner of the prestigious AKA Scholarship, went to Miss Fatima Muneer, who will study Medical Genetics at the University of Sheffield in September 2020. “Being the 2020 AKA scholar means so much to me and I find it hard to express my gratitude. The school’s investment in my education humbles me, and I’m now more driven than ever to create a fully rewarding education experience for community and myself. This scholarship opportunity will bring me closer to achieve my ultimate dream and goal that is to become a Medical Geneticist so I can devote myself to support and help others in a challenging environment. My main motive is to make a breakthrough in the genetics world, to be at the forefront of further genetic developments in Bahrain, transfer such science to my country and most importantly to educate my community on the importance of this specialisation.” 

Speaking about the award itself, Mr. Tariq Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo- Vice Chairman of the Board of Abdulrahman Kanoo said “It was the dream of my late Uncle, Abdul Rahman Jasim Kanoo, to encourage and facilitate the further education of our top graduates at Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS). As a pioneer within education, he saw the importance of continuing one’s education beyond the level of High School within Bahrain. However some students and their families did not have the means to accomplish this important task, and as a result, the Board created an Award to serve this purpose- the pursuit of a higher education without the concerns of the financial burden. We now have over ten young ARKIS graduates who have benefited from this programme and are active within all walks of Bahraini society; that this programme will continue in our current campus and be part of the landscape within the second school premises in Al Diyar, opening in 2022.” Acting School Principal, Ms. Kate Moskwa noted, “The AKA scholarship is the best available scholarship from a Private or International school for students in Bahrain. It gives ARKIS students the chance to pursue their chosen course of study, in their University of choice, and then bring back their skills and knowledge to contribute to Bahrain society. This year’s winner, Fatima, has chosen to study Medical Genetics at the University of Sheffield. Medical Genetics is still a developing field in the GCC and I have no doubt that Fatima will have a huge impact in this field when she has completed her studies and returns to Bahrain. She is the top graduate from our IBDP program and embodies everything that our school stands for. We are incredibly proud of her, and all our graduating students this year.”

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